Website Building

Want your own website but can’t afford one and don’t know how to build one?

I have been working on websites and related platforms (social media, SEO etc.) for the past 12 years. I built my first website using the “Site Build It!” platform and my intrigue with building websites began, and grew over the years.

Since then many platforms have made a name for themselves as more and more people lean towards building their own websites. This then, without learning to code. These web builders use drag and drop features and Wisiwyg editors. Web Builders like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Wix.Bloom online website building services In addition, many web hosting companies have built their own platforms that mimic some of these I have mentioned but lack the resources and options that the others do, although they can be perfect for a Blog or a Start-up Company.  While they all run in much the same way as content management systems, my preferred one is WordPress.  Mostly due to its ease of use and their huge global community, plugins and themes.

I have personally built more than 20 WordPress websites. Learning on the go.

Most of them on the FREE plan. Great for people who never had a website before (starting out) and for those wishing to add a separate Blog site to their existing complex site that doesn’t offer blogging. Free is limited in what one can do with it, but has surprisingly many great features that other providers do not offer for free. What’s more is that once you are ready to move to the next level, the upgrade options are endless. On this route your end result website can well become EVERYTHING you have ever wished for in a website without breaking your bank.

Experience is key in the online world since (almost) everything is open to us and things change and morph so much most people cannot get their head around it all when they first start out trying to understand web building.

Bloom Online website building servicesMy experience is available to you in whatever manner you require.  Be it: Consulting and Collaborating with you,  Teaching / Guiding you how to do it (one-on-one), Building-for-You and then Training you how to continue by yourself. As a one-woman-biz, with many diverse and useful skills, I can be most useful to you.

Need a new website, or wish to add a Blog site to your existing site? Or maybe you started a site and need help completing it. Whatever your need, and level of understanding….

Contact me now so we can discuss your needs and requirements and I can work out a free quote for you.

Having a website that does what you want it to do is more possible than ever before.

That someone you can trust to help you with it could be right in front of you!

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