Speech to Text

New Services Offered at Bloom Online:

Transcriptions, audio, video, to text

If you need a written or printed version of an audio file or video I am perfectly qualified to do that for you.

English and/or Afrikaans

Audio typing, digital dictation, and audio transcription… all one and the same thing. It is the skill of transforming the spoken word into text.  Here at Bloom Online we transcribe with great accuracy and quick turn-around times. In all its glorious formats, from digital computer files to WhatsApp audio messages. From R10.00 per audio minute. Turn-around times between 12 hours to 10 days.

Dispite numerous automated transcription applications available like Google Dictate, it is often impossible to get the accuracy you require. If someone spoke too softly, or has an accent, or there is more than one person speaking, these auto text applications make a complete mess of the transcription.

Confidentiality guaranteed. Non-disclosure agreement. Two-stage proof-reading method used. No minimum audio minutes. Bespoke quotations. Affordable rates.

Bloom Online’s aim is to provide a service tailored to the exact requirements of the client. 


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