Once-Off, or As-Required, Services:

Once-off services are charged at R300 per hour, or pro-rata part thereof, only real hours charged. 

(In Random Order)

edit . Edit any existing text to optimize keywords and/or to freshen up content
write . Write new content either to replace existing text or for new articles /posts
seo . Search Engine Optimization as a once-off is tailor-made to make your website compliant to Google Search Algorithms
analyze . Prior to engaging in a set of tasks a full analysis is performed to determine what is working / not working and what needs to be done to achieve a desired result
improve . Included in all work carried out: the aim of improving ranking and traffic and business leads
enhance . Included in all work carried out: to enhance what is existing
keywords . Selecting and utilizing the best, most appropriate keywords for your website/ business, and posting them for analysis with Google to determine their popularity, competition with others, and their effectiveness if used
YouTube . Setting up of a Youtube channel, and posting & sharing videos
FaceBook . Setting up FaceBook business page, creating & sharing posts, as well as post promotions (paid) , also linking FaceBook to websites
G+ and Google My Business Setting up of a Google My Business page to further enhance web visibility
Google maps . Set-up map for business and/or linking it with a G+ profile to ensure accuracy and web visitor ease of access – relevant only to businesses with a venue address
twitter . Set up and populate Twitter profile, create tweets, share / post to add this to company’s Social Media
promote . Paid promotions like Google Ad campaigns (Pay Per Click – PPC)
report . Reports can be generated to almost anything from website visitor numbers to how the website is structured (to find flaws) to conversions (visitors becoming leads)
images . Images and photos can be replaced to give website visitors something new, or for when the existing images are no longer valid, and new images can be added to galleries etc.
blog . Blogging is term used to mean “posting regular articles/news of interest”. If your website does not support blogging, a new blog page can be created and linked seamlessly with existing website so that blogging can be a feature
website . Should you require a new website, various options exist. Either with a template-based site using WordPress (my recommended favourite) or bespoke custom websites – the sky is the limit. Individual quotes apply, as many options exist
apps . Need assistance to figure out how a desktop application works? Or if you are having issues understanding how to do what you want to do…
mail . Setting up your mail account on your local desktop mail app, and/or training on how to use it
training . Training can be provided one-on-one for anything desktop related, as well as many web related procedures like: Customer Managed Websites, WordPress, SEO, PPC, Google products, …. too many to mention,
content research . In cases where new articles/posts/blogs need to be written and client has limited resources for content, I research requested subject matter online and compile content from that
youtu.be videos . I can compile videos for Youtube with the aim of posting it to your company’s FaceBook page and/or website. The popular option is combining one or more cell phone videos that the client has taken of his/her company products, services and/or events and making a mini-movie from it, complete with Title, credits, sound etc.
photography . I have a high resolution camera and can take photos for when and if client requires new images for his/her website
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