“Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference.”

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” [George Bernard Shaw]

About Your Website… Build it, Buy it, or Build-for-You… Big Decision!

Want your own website but can’t afford one and/or don’t know how to build one?

I have personally built more than 20 WordPress websites. Learning on the go.

Great for people who never had a website before (starting out) … OR for those wishing to add a separate Blog site to their existing complex site that doesn’t offer blogging…. OR you want total control and wish to grow your website from a simple online business ad to an online presence found by quality clients…

Whichever your needs, this route I suggest will ensure that your end result website can well become EVERYTHING you have ever wished for in a website without breaking your bank.

My experience is available to you in whatever manner you require.  Be it: Consulting and Collaborating with you,  Teaching / Guiding you how to do it (one-on-one), Building-for-You and then Training you how to continue by yourself. As a one-woman-biz, with many diverse and useful skills, I can be most useful to you.

Need a new website, or wish to add a Blog site to your existing site? Or maybe you started a site and need help completing it. Whatever your need, and level of understanding….

Contact me now so we can discuss your needs and requirements and I can work out a free quote for you.

Having a website that does what you want it to do is more possible than ever before.

That someone you can trust to help you with it could be right in front of you!

Editing your website….

I can assist you to make decisions regarding ways to edit your website’s content with the aim of improving the effectiveness of your website, in terms of SEO , or the readability and the general “look and feel”. Ultimately to attract more relevant traffic to your website and turning them into customers.

Whether you require minor edits to your current site, or would like to have a New Blog site as a stand-alone or linked to your other existing site, or need help writing content…. I can assist. Making edits to improve websites is my speciality. Creating Blog sites from scratch is something I love to do.

In addition I am available for training sessions so that you can learn how to do some or all of this stuff yourself, giving you complete control.
Also talk to me about Social Media linking (like FaceBook) and posting to that and your Blog site.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of my favourite subjects because it is badly misinterpreted most of the time. It is such a broad term and is used a lot by marketers, web designers, website owners and SEO companies. Many of them bank on the lack of knowledge of the average web owner, and exploit that. If you own a website, it is in your best interest to be at least a little informed.  What is SEO?

Social Media

Setting up Social Media pages and /or linking them to your website can be daunting task. Not for me. I’ve done many and I can assist, either by showing you how it is done or teaching how to. FaceBook, Google Plus, Google My Business, YouTube, Twitter and more.

In today’s world, to get known on the World Wide Web one needs to have some social interaction going on for a business, shop, brand or services. It does not have to be a deal breaker. Let’s discuss your needs and I can take you to the next level.

If you have questions, or would like me to quote a price for my services, go to my contact page.

Liliane @ Bloom online

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