Printer Frustration

My printer refused to do anything because the colour cartridge was empty.

Printer inaction, Bloom Online Solutions
Frustration, printer inaction, Bloom Online Solutions

It would not print black and white and it would not let me scan! Scanning doesn’t even require any ink! Pfft! What the heck!?
I was ready to chuck my printer out of the window. While that would most definitely not have resolved my issue with it, it might have made me release some of the frustration I was feeling.

Donning my Pit-Bull attitude I searched the Web for a solution. I did not need Marie Forleo to remind me that,

EVERYTHING is figureoutable!

Although, in all fairness, having her say it (and she wrote a best-seller book about it) makes me sooo much more confident whenever I search for seemingly impossible solutions.

Within the online support documentation of my printer’s make and model, I found the standard answer that most all-in-one printer manufacturers provide when you ask about this type of issue.

The printer requires that both ink cartridges be installed in the printer in order to scan, even if they are low or out of ink.  
In addition, when an error condition is present on the printer (such as being out of ink), other functions of the unit will not be able to be performed until that issue is addressed.  

[I will keep the manufacturer out of this. It occurs with most home printer makes.]

At this point, I could have given up and dashed out to the shops to buy a cartridge. That is if I believed the manufacturer’s claim that no functions will perform until the error (out of ink) has been resolved. I did not. I just felt in my heart that this was not right and there had to be another way around it.

So, I gave up trying to get a solution from the manufacturer, and sought out answers on personal chat sites and blogs. LOTS of other people have had the same issue with their printer. If a cartridge is empty, no functions on the printer will work. It sounds like exploitation to me. The manufacturers are basically ‘forcing’ us to keep buying the original printer cartridges. Even if you only want to print in black and white, you still need a working colour cartridge.

The consumerist (blog writer on even went as far as saying:

If you want to scan without ink then don’t buy an all-in-one printer!

He further stated: “All-in-one printer/scanner/copiers are nice and all, but everyone knows that you don’t really need ink to scan a picture. That doesn’t stop manufacturers from making our gadgets unable to perform other functions when they’re out of printer ink, an intentional flaw that is wasteful and frustrating. We’ve heard from owners of (various) all-in-one printers who complain that the devices are a useless lump of plastic without a print cartridge.”

Computer frustration, Bloom ONline Solutions

So then, what is the solution that I found?

Well, most, if not all, printers have an override to this issue but they don’t tell us about it. A couple of people on some Q&A blogs talked about this issue and they offered the solutions that worked for their printer. Thank you to those kind and chatty folks out there, I found the override that worked for my printer. I had to press and hold one of the buttons for 7 seconds and then the printer beeped, signaling that it will ‘ignore’ the cartridge error.

Yay, Bloom Online found a solution

Yay! It worked. I can now print anything in black and white. I did have to set the printer settings to “greyscale” though. In addition, I can also scan anything. I am no longer held for ransom by my printer. Until I need to print in colour, then obviously it is time to shop for a colour cartridge.

Never give up, Bloom Online Solutions

In conclusion:
Never give up, there is always a solution to every problem. Even if you believe what manufacturers say about their products. Ask yourself to test the theory that someone out there (can be found on the internet) has had the same problem and may have a solution for you. You just gotta know where to look (internet) and who to ask (search engine like Google).
But, if you find yourself at a breaking point of frustration in your office and you haven’t found the solution to the issue, let me know.

My Pit-Bull and I may just find it for you.

Happy, solution discovery, Bloom Online

Till next time. Keep searching for solutions. Be well.
Best regards,

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