Using WordPress to Build a Web or Blog Site

Bloom online website services and more

Many people are turning to Free platforms to build their Blog or Website.

I have used quite a few different website builders and while I am not in the business of “naming and shaming” the not-so-good ones, I am a big fan of WordPress. Bloom online website services and more

Their Free Hosting platform is great and offers many features that sets one off to an excellent start. Depending on what the website is used for, this may be all you need.

It is only when certain features, like custom domain names, or email accounts, or shopping basket (etc) are needed that one would decide to either host locally, or upgrade with WP for a paid plan.

Assuming you are choosing the FREE template set-up for your blog or website, and you consider yourself reasonably computer savvy…. you may still find yourself a little overwhelmed with the task.

What do you do then?

Call, mail or message me.!

I have been using WP since 2008. I provide thorough one-on-one training and set-up assistance on using and building with WP.  Together we can build your website’s structure – with pages and posts – possible in under two hours. I will teach you, step by step, how to customize a suitable template, add content (posts and pages), link to your social media, upload photos and videos, and how to choose relevant keywords for search engines to find. Bloom online website services and more

We work at your pace, and where you feel comfortable. Nothing could be easier.

What’s more is I am available every day by mail or phone to offer free assistance or advice.

Contact me today and let’s get you BLOOMing Online.

Bloom online website services and more

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