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As it is becoming more and more important for one’s website to not only be found in Google (and other search engines), but also to be well-placed in Google’s search engine results (ranking), website owners are turning to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists, to ensure their sites are indexed in Google’s vast database of websites.

Where to start?

The first, even vital, part of website optimization is to ensure that appropriate search phrases (keywords) are placed correctly in the website, along with other important structuring of the website’s code (HTML).

SEO Once is a one-time set of economical Search Engine Optimization activities, performed on your behalf by experienced web engineers, aimed at ensuring your website meets the recommended requirements for Google / Search Engine Compliance – generally refers to the adherence to coding practices in relation to the use of HTML or XHTML or PHP with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to define the web page; as well as Best Practice Optimizations (SEO).

For example, a compliant website contains:

  • properly-structured keywords: well placed in title tags, alt tags, descriptions, and, and, relevant to the page and the company’s business, supported by meaningful, interesting, relevant content, all aimed at ensuring the correct keywords are indexed by Google (and other search engines) so that your site can be found in search results (SERP’s), according to the keywords you have chosen;
  • title’s and descriptions of the correct length and containing one or two main keywords each;
  • Alt and Title tags added to links and images (often overlooked at webdesign phase),
  • a sitemap file – (Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling / indexing);
  • Style sheets;
  • a robot.txt file
  • and many more ….

Activities and changes to the website to ensure that the correct keywords are present and indexed include:on-page-SEO-bloom-online

  • Research of proposed keywords and their variants, based on their current popularity and competitiveness.
  • Authoring of each page* to ensure a proper title tag that also contains keywords. The title tag is used in displaying your site in Google search engine page results (SERP).
  • Authoring of each page* to ensure a proper description tag that also contains keywords.  The description tag can be used to display a snippet of information about your site in Google serp.
  • Removal of keyword tags (they are NOT used by Google any more and just provide information to your competitors).
  • Authoring page content* to include and reinforce the presence of desired keywords.  The correct use of the , <H>, <Strong>, <Alt> and image/<a> and title attributes, with emphasis on the Home page.
Activities and changes to the website to enable Google to locate your website and generate visitor and view statistics:
  • Creation and submission of a sitemap to Google;
  • Linking to and registering the site on Google Analytics.
  • Registering the site on Google Search Console (prev. known as Webmaster Tools);
  • Making suggestions for additional improvements…

For starters the client has to define a list of 5-10 main keywords/phrases, plus an additional list of secondary keywords/phrases, that we can use as a starting point for the keyword analysis and research mentioned above.

We also need FTP access to the site where it is being hosted, in order to effect the necessary changes. If the website has been built using WordPress, Joomla, or any such platforms, there will be a CMS panel log-in (Customer Managed). These platforms greatly reduce one’s ability to make good SEO changes and often the only way to make those SEO changes is to upgrade the platform (costs money) and/or download add-on packages. None of which are fully integrated with all SEO Best Practices.

The sooner your site is correctly optimised, the sooner you can start to get the benefits of being properly compatible with Google and other Search Engines. The you build on your website’s credibility, popularity and authority (with content, news, social media links, outbound links, inbound or back-links, etc.

Other SEO specialists charge anything between R3’000 to R 6 500.00 and more, for not even all of the aforementioned SEO activities. With me you are getting a great deal of work done at a very affordable price. Contact me for a free no-obligation quote.

But, don’t take my word for it, by all means, do your own research on the topic and be sure to check the fine print.

Thank you!

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